WALLIX Access Manager

Access Manager configuration

  • Go to your Access Manager admin page

  • Click on: ConfigurationSAML Identity Providers+Add

  • Select your organization

  • Write Trustelem for the identity provider’s Name

  • In the tab Service Provider:

    • In the field WALLIX-AM Entity ID, enter the value WALLIX-AM
    • Turn OFF Sign Messages, Encrypt Messages
    • Turn ON Signed Response, Signed Assertion
  • In the tab Identity Provider:

    • Import the Trustelem metadata file
    • Copy the Redirect Binding Uri and paste it in Redirect Logout Uri replacing « sso » by « on_logout »
  • In the tab Domain:

    • In the field Domain Name, enter the domain for federated users
      WALLIX Access Manager builds the user’s identifier with the combination: login ID + @ + domain
    • Click on the pen, and enter the following attributes:
      Login → uid
      Display Name Attribute → displayname
      Email Attribute → email
      Language Attribute → lang
    • Choose a Default Profile for new users

Trustelem configuration

  • Enter the root URL of your Access Manager (ex: https://wam.com/wabam)

  • Enter your organization identifier (you can find it in: Access Manager → Configuration → Organizations)

  • Enter the domain defined in Access Manager, tab Domain of your SAML Identity Provider


  • WALLIX Access Manager auto-provisions unknown users.

  • In WALLIX Access Manager, you can activate the DEBUG mode and download the logs: SettingsApplication SettingsLogs