Pulse Secure

Pulse Secure Configuration (SAML)

Before we start, please be sure to have a functional VPN

First of all, in the Trustelem app settings, enable the authentication method you want to use

Trustelem Configuration

  • In the Entity ID field, put your Pulse Secure server’s SAML Entity ID then save

Pulse Secure Configuration

  • Go in System > Configuration > SAML then click on New Metadata Provider

  • Click on browse and upload the metadata file, check identity provider then click on save changes

  • Go in System > Configuration > SAML then click on Settings. Enter your Pulse Secure server FQDN

  • Go in Authentication > Auth. Servers then add a new SAML server from the drop-down list

    • Under Settings select SAML 2.0 and select the Metadata radio button

    • Under SSO Method, select Post and the certificate if necessary

    • Click on Save Changes

  • Go on Authentication > Sign-In Policies

    • Click on the interested population realm (ex: Users) then select your SAML authentication server

    • Click on Save Changes